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Blaffer Exhibitions

Print, Digital, Environmental

Copywriter, Editor
Blaffer Art Museum

The Blaffer Art Museum is a contemporary art museum committed to being a “catalyst for creative innovation, experimentation, and scholarship.” Working alongside curators and the exhibition manager,  content was written and edited for invitations, social media campaigns and environmental signage. Select exhibitions include Aimee Siegel: Medium Cool, Richard Rezac: Address, The Future is Certain; It’s the Past Which is Unpredictable, Sergio Prego: Rose-Colored Drift/To the Students; Gabriel Martinez: Everything Turns Away Quite Leisurely and The Propeller Group

Social Media

For each exhibition, a media kit with graphics for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook was created for the museum’s use. I also wrote content to promote the exhibitions on accounts for the UH Kathrine G. McGovern College of the Arts.

Aime Siegel Medium Cool Twitter BAM.jpeg
Environmental Signage

Images/Peter Molick, Blaffer Art Museum
(Sergio Prego, Gabriel Martinez, Richard Rezac)

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