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2018 – 2019
University of Houston, School of Art
Copywriting | Editing | Social Media

In the Studio is a series of interviews with graduate students in the University of Houston’s Master of Fine Arts program. This series provides a behind-the-scenes look into the creative process — from inspiration to methodology — of emerging artists as they prepare for their thesis exhibitions. In the weeks leading up to the exhibitions, I met with students in their studios to learn about each of their personal journeys — what sparked inspiration, how the work evolved and shifted over time, and where their explorations led them throughout the program. Each resulting article features students who are exploring similar themes in their work — from myth making to material malleability — bringing varied mediums into conversation with each other.


The University of Houston’s School of Art offers graduate programs in art history, graphic design, photography/digital media, sculpture, painting, and interdisciplinary practices and emerging forms. Driven by the ideas that “artists move beyond conventional thinking, challenge tradition and ideology, and invent new ways of imaging the world,” the programs aim to foster inquiry and exploration as  as each student develops their craft. 


“These sculptures are many things at once: a living map, my family’s origin story and a star guide.”

— Jesus Gonzalez 
            photography/digital media


“Her work resists…erasure by providing a new perspective on Latinx experiences, one that casts the women at the center as powerful, integral figures.”

— on Karen Martinez
            interdisciplinary practice and emerging forms

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